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WASL Digital Modern Tasbih (E-Subha) with 0 to 99 count, to enhance the experience of communication in a spiritual way. High-quality LED lighting, in addition to many innovative features, will give you a sense of excellence. Suitable for people with special needs (vision or hearing impairment).



1. Combo 4 - 4pc

2. Combo 8 - 8pc


Product features :

-Well Fit and Comfortable E-Subha is similar to the traditional subha in its basic functions, but it is more elegant and sophisticated.

-Modern & Stylish E-Subha is easy to use and has a modern appearance and innovative features to ensure that you look fashionable and stylish.

-Vibration E-Subha will alert you by vibrating once on every 33 counts and vibrates twice when the count starts again.

-Light Indication In addition to vibrating, E-Subha has a LED light indicator when you reach 33 counts to ensure your continuous following-up.

-Sleep/ Save Mood To save battery and use the counter as long as possible, E-Subha will automatically turn off when it is not in use for 30 seconds.

-Features and Specifications An electronic Subha (battery operated) with a modern, distinctive and elegant design, in black color. Made of rubber and plastic.


How to use :

1. Press the button to run.

2. To count, repeat pressing the button.

3. To restart, press the button for two seconds.


100% Imported all the way from Saudi Arabia!

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