Songkok Malaya Pendekar

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Songkok Malaya Pendekar 

Flat Pattern Style. It represents the unity and shared culture that we appreciate within our region though with the many similarities, elements of individuality are still of high significance within the subtlety. Thus subtlety is the main highlight in this particular design. Tricot Velvet with fabric diamond design interior.


1. Able to dry clean or wet clean, easy for handy wash

2. The structure able to take impact and still sustain

3. Fabric release heat from our body

4. The perimeter circle smoothen blood flow

5. Diamond design inside with 100% fabric

6. Woven bag+Roller dust+White Exclusive Box


Product Dimension:

21-22 inch waist

3 3/4 inch Height


Songkok Malaya HQ menjual Songkok Jahitan Kemas, Fabrik Selesa, Micro Fibre dan Benang 8000 Baldu Berkualiti Tinggi.

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