Shefaee Natural Yemeni Honey

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Shefaee Natural Yemeni Honey :

Volume Weight Selection: 125g, 250g & 1KG

Sheffaee Honey Yemeni Natural HoneyEvery Year, Thousands of Semi Nomadic Beekeepers Converge Tothe valleys of Hadramawt in Yemen. In these valleys, grows the most Thornyhoney Tree, which Flowers Contribute to The Most precious Honey in Theworld.

Benefits :

- Enzymes & Vitamins.

- Fat Fighter.

- Overall Benefits & Energy.

- Home Remedies.


Minerals :

- Calcium.

- Iron.

- Magnesium.

- Sodium Chloride.

- Potassium.


Type : Premium Natural Honey

Storage : Store in a 'Cool Dry Place'

Product Origin:
Yemen, Valleys of Hadramut
Volume Weight:
125g, 250g, 1KG (depending on weight selected)
Delivery Area:
Whole Malaysia (no restrictions)
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