Royal Miswak

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Royal Miswak

When you use a Royal Miswak, you are not just using a miswak. You are using the perfect embodiment of 1400 years of heritage and tradition. A Miswak so exquisite, we would be proud to present it to royalty. Premium Olive Miswak brings with it a unique fragrance, bittersweet taste and flawless texture. Olive Miswaks are exceptionally rare due to the limited number of olive trees. Its packed full of flavour and comes encased with a beautiful elegant tube to always keep you ready on the go.


The Olive Difference

Royal Miswak is made from the olive tree – which holds an esteemed status in Islam. Whether it is its oil, fruit, or miswak, it is said that everything originating from this sacred tree is blessed.


Unique Flavor

Described as bitter sweet with a wooden aftertaste, Royal Miswak attains its sophisticated flavor from the mineral rich soil on which it grows.


Alluring Aroma

Royal Miswak naturally emits an alluring aroma which can only be described as the sublime wooden fragrance of Pristine Afghan valleys.


Intricate Texture

Simple yet complex, the distinctively dark and intricate textures of the olive tree make Royal Miswak stand out as a beautiful piece of art.


Health Benefits:


Enhances the memory.

Eliminates slime.

Produces aroma in the mouth.

Strengthens the gums.

Blocks tooth decay.

Stops further grow of decay.

Remedy for headaches.

Helps relieving toothaches.

Triggers the teeth to sparkle.

Eliminates the yellowishness of the teeth.

Improves the eye-sight.

Helpful for the health of your whole body.

Helps the process of Digestive function.

Treatment for a specific mouth disease called Qilaa Clears the voice.

Trigger the appetite.

Boosts the eloquence of one's speech.

Improve the Intelligence


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