Pearl Virgin Coconut Oil

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The best coconut oil is the virgin coconut oil (VCO). It contains a substance called lauric acid, which is able to maintain the immune system and heart health. Virgin coconut oil is good for body health because it contains saturated fatty acid so it can increase the body`s metabolism system.


• Improve blood circulation in the body.

• Reduce platelet’s concentration in blood as it is the main factor in plague formation in heart disease and hypertension.

• Prevent the increase of cholesterol level in blood.

• High antioxidant content in VCO protects the body from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart and eye problem.

• Reduce weight by boosting up body’s metabolic rate. (To be taken before meal)

• Gives energy and enhance physical fitness.

• Improves digestion and vitamin absorption in the body.

• Ease in bowel and urination.

• Enriched with iron which helps in the formation of red blood palettes that can prevent fatigue and paleness.

• Good for sinus and eases flu.

• Controls diabetes by enhancing insulin production in the pancreas.

• Maintain healthy thyroid.

• Delay process of menopause for women.

• Assisting pregnancies by preventing discharge and improve the existence of acids in the womb

• Improve sexual relationship and increase male fertility.

• Produce healthy skin by treating the skin’s cell so as to prevent early aging and wrinkles. Prevents bacterial infections and fungus on skin and genitals.

• Accelerate blood clot from deep cut and wound.

• Accelerate the replacement of dead cells on the skin and protect skin from ultraviolet (UV).

• Improve brain cells of children.

• Reduce pain on body, legs and shoulders.

• Promotes hair growth treating split ends, hair breakage, moisturize hair and scalp.

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