Karak Tea Instant Premix Box (10 sticks x 14g) - Zafran Unsweetened

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Karak Tea is an aromatic, spiced tea with milk that is famous worldwide for its unique taste. Widely enjoyed in India, Pakistan and Middle Eastern countries where it’s generally called as Kadak or Karak Tea. Known widely for its delicious blend of spices that lend to its unique flavour, Karak Tea has made a statement on the world stage. As the Middle East most popular hot beverage, you will find cafes serving Karak tea throughout the day and night.

Our Karak Tea product is made from the finest Kenyan tea blended with the purest milk powder and premium sugar cane extract. It is then complimented with the most exotic flavours to give you the most tasteful experience. These flavours include Indian cardamom, Kashmiri saffron, ginger, selected grinned coffee beans and cinnamons. Our Karak Tea is free from any preservatives, artificial flavours and nil synthetic food colouring. It is also gluten free!

The ''Zafran'' flavour uses the finest grade of Saffron (Kashmiri) blended with Kenyan tea leaf bringing a new aroma for tea lovers. There is also the "unsweetened" Zafran packaging.

● 1 Box (140g) = 10 Sachet Sticks each 14g
● Each stick mix with 150ml Hot Water for best taste recommendation (150ml is best recommended for each sachet)

Its ISO and Halal Certified with content being 100% Natural. There are a variety of flavours all coming with its unique signature taste. The packaging contains both English and Arabic language (inner and outter packaging) showcasing a truly unique middle east product.

Karak Tea
Zafran (Unsweetened)
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1 x Karak Tea Zafran (Unsweetened) Instant Premix Box (10 sticks x 14g)
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