Hajj Concept & Practice

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This book furnishes the answers of a few pertinent questions about Hajj. Every Muslim who intends to go for Hajj needs to know ‘What is Hajj?’, ‘why to perform it?’ who should go for it and who should not?’

An appropriate knowledge to the answers to these questions is indispensable for a prospective Hajj. It keeps him consistently aware of the purpose and meaning of all his actions, prayers, proclamations and supplications that he makes during the process of his Hajj. This enables him to focus on achieving the pleasure of Allah (swt), through his dedication and humility; and that is the ultimate objective of performing Hajj.

To accomplish this objective he has to commit himself to do what Allah (swt) has ordered him to do and to refrain from what He has forbidden. This holds true in performing every Ibadah as well as all other activities of human life.

What performance of Hajj can be dearer to Allah (swt) than that of his most truthful and trustworthy Messenger (May Allah bless him and grant him peace), and what else can win excellence in Hajj (and other Ibadah) of a Muslim except his adherence to the Sunnah [Tradition of His Messenger (May Allah bless him and grant him peace)]

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