Ayubee Premium & Pure Sidr Honey

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✓ 100% Premium Pure Honey
✓ Build a strong immune system
✓ Eliminate nausea and reduce tiredness
✓ Help maintain a healthy weight and prevent diseases

Product Profile: Premium & Pure Honey

Royal Sidr Honey Infromation:
Sourced from the prestine desert valleys in Yemen.
This precious honey is potent in its medicinal properties with superior bacteria-killing action to combat infectious diseases.
It has an exquisite floral taste with a rich and luxurious texture, it is unlike any other honey.

Wildflower Sidr Honey Information:
Harvested after the tropical Spring season in Hadramawt, Yemen.
The soothing effect of this honey effectively treats stomach and respiratory-related ailments.
It`s fragrant fruity taste and texture that gliders down the throat make this honey a popular choice.

Mountain Sidr Honey Information:
From the wild uncultivated Sidr trees in the mountainous regions of Pakistan.
Known as a natural booster for low immunity and energy, this honey helps prevent a multitude of illnesses and fights fatigue.
It has a woody floral taste with an earthy aroma as well as a velvety smooth texture.

General Information About Ayubee Honey:

SIDR HONEY is known for its active medicinal properties and has been used for centuries as a natural cure. It is proven to be just as good or EVEN BETTER
than the commonly used Manuka Honey from New Zealand

The Sidr Tree is the source behind Ayubee Honey's potent medicinal factor. It is an ancient tree that grows around Yemen, especially in the Hadramaut region. All parts of the Sidr Tree have amazing benefits. Its fruits have a very high energy value. Its seeds are rich in protein. Its leaves are high in calcium, iron and magnesium.

Even the root is used as an ingredient in manufacturing modern medicine.

The bees that eat from this tree will travel up the mountains and produce the honey in caves. This exclusive honey is then harvested and consumed by people all over the world for treatment of countless illnesses.

AYUBEE HONEY contains antioxidants, antibacterial and antiviral properties that boost the immune system and fight illnesses naturally.

It can reduce infections by acting as an antiseptic to stop the growth of bacteria in cuts and wounds.

It also helps to relieve pain, reduce swelling and prevent scarring.

AYUBEE honey is rich in flavanoids, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins & minerals and has enough nutrients to maintain your body’s health and an excellent energy booster that increases your metabolism while regulating your blood sugar levels naturally.

Does not expire (100% pure honey)
May be stored at room temperature
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